IonCleanse® Foot Detox

Improve your health through detoxification. The manufacturer and worldwide distributor of the IonCleanse® detox footbath systems, A Major Difference (AMD), makes the safest, most thorough and efficient instruments used to cleanse and purify the body. The IonCleanse® by AMD helps the body detox through the healing power of ions. These ions neutralize charged particles in a person’s body. By neutralizing toxins in the body, a 30-minute IonCleanse® session creates an environment whereby heavy metals and other toxins can exit the body safely.

How does it work?

The IonCleanse® system is based on the somewhat complicated action of electrolysis. The array is placed into about 3 inches of warm water in a foot tub and a small amount of salt is added. The person’s feet are then placed into the water and the control unit is turned on. A small direct current is delivered through the array’s metal plates into the water which generates positively and negatively charged ions.

These ions neutralize charged particles in the body. The neutralized particles are pulled out of the body through the skin via osmosis and diffusion. These neutralized particles and/or toxins will exit the body via the feet (which have the largest pores in the human body) into the foot tub, while other toxins will exit the body through sweat, urine, and other natural body functions.

Studies have found that IonCleanse® may improve your overall wellness in the following ways:

  • Purge heavy metals
  • A more balanced pH level
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Purging yeast
  • Detoxifying the liver and kidney
  • Enhancing the immune system

Make the steps to start your detoxification!

  • Foot detox sessions can be schedule every hour.
  • Plan for a 45-minute appointment including a medical history and consent form, 30-minute foot bath, and follow up recommendations.
  • NOTE: Foot detox sessions are not recommended for anyone with a pacemaker, nursing, or pregnant.

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